DisCats Disc Golfer Cooling System (Pinkish)

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Too hot in disc golf round? Not anymore! This DisCats Disc Golfer Cooler System keeps you cooled in your round.

Material: bottle: PVC, ABS material nozzle: high density HDPE material, PP

Size: 17cm * 9cm

Power supply: Two AA batteries (provided by yourself)

Spray function QTY: 72 pcs / CTN

Quantity: 1 pcs Package

Content: 1 * Portable Waterjet Fan

1. Humidifier and Fan: This Small Fan combines the functions of a humidifier and a fan in one device. Thanks to the humidification mode, you won’t feel dry at high air speeds. There are two modes of humidification, namely intermittent spraying and continuous spraying.

2. Exquisite and compact The mini fan is made of professional high-performance brushless motor, with faster speed, larger air volume and lower noise. This portable fan is suitable for family, kitchen, travel, outdoor activities, office, personal cooling

3. Large Capacity Sink: The fan is designed with a large sink from the bottom of the fan, so you can directly remove the base to add water, which is convenient and will not spill. This Table Fan is compact and lightweight, ideal for use on your desk when working or studying.

4. Suitable For All Seasons: In the summer, you can turn on the humidifier and fan at the same time, the wind and the fine mist of water will refresh you quickly. In the fall and winter, turn on the humidifier to create a constantly humid environment for you. Elegant in appearance and smart in design, the Powerful and Quiet Fan is suitable for outdoor, bedroom, car, classroom, office, home.

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Type: Cooler

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