UV Z Raptor – 2023 Ledgestone Edition (173-174g)


Disc: Discraft UV Z Raptor – 2023 Ledgestone Edition

Stiffness: medium hard

Profile: Flat-small domey

Condition: New (some storage wear)

Color: white/UV (red reflective stamp)

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Type: Midrange

Flight numbers: Speed 9 | Glide 4 | Turn 3 | Fade 1 | Stability 2.1

The Raptor is an overstable fairway driver capable of fighting strong winds. It has a flat flight plate and comfortable rim depth for both forehand and backhand grips. The UV plastic is special because these Raptors change from clear and uncolored to a bright color (Purple, Orange, Pink) when exposed to any sunlight. They are very overstable, like most standard Raptors, and have the same beloved, slick Z plastic feel in the hand with quality durability. This was part of a run of 1500 discs.

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