Toxic Waste Desolation (175g)


Disc: Discraft Toxic Waste Desolation (175g)

Profile: small domey

Stiffness: Medium soft

Condition: New (small storage wear)

Color: grey, black stamp (See picture)

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Type: Midrange

In the aftermath of the cataclysmic megaflare from the sun, when the world lies in ruins, desolate landscapes shall echo with the clang of discs thrown in hope and determination. Amidst the chaos, the Desolation midrange from Doomsday Discs emerges as a trusted companion—a moderately overstable marvel, destined to conquer the wastelands. Its flight culminates with a reliable end-of-flight fade, steadfastly guided by experienced players, resistant to the ravages of torque.

Forged in the grip of resilient “Toxic Waste” plastic, the Desolation stands the test of time, surviving the apocalypse and beyond. Within its enigmatic essence, let the seekers of the Disc Golf Age find solace:

  • Speed: 5, a measured momentum, a whisper of acceleration through the decimated skies.
  • Glide: 5, a fleeting grace, riding the currents with delicate poise amidst the post-apocalyptic winds.
  • Turn: 0, steadfast in its trajectory, impervious to the turbulent forces of uncertainty.
  • Fade: 2, a calculated conclusion, carving its mark upon the desolate landscapes, an enduring testament to its unyielding spirit.


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