Toxic Waste Blackout (170g)


Disc: Doomsday discs Toxic Waste Blackout (170g)

Profile: domey

Stiffness: Medium soft

Condition: New (small storage wear)

Color: turquoise, light pink flower reflective stamp (See picture)

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Type: Driver

Type: Fairway Driver

Within the realm of the forsaken masses, behold the Blackout—an understable fairway driver, an enigmatic beacon of hope. If your throws oft succumb to premature fades, the Blackout shall grant resistance, guiding you to embrace the unyielding path. For the seasoned players, the art of hyzer-flips and anhyzers transforms the Blackout into an instrument of delight—a gateway to wondrous straight shots and graceful turns.

  • Speed: 8, an awakened surge, hastening through the bleak lands with purposeful velocity.
  • Glide: 5, a fleeting grace, traversing the post-apocalyptic winds with serene poise.
  • Turn: -2, a gentle defiance, navigating the skies with a subtle, controlled deviation.
  • Fade: 1, a modest conclusion, bidding farewell to the turbulent currents, embracing its destined course.

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