Swirl ESP Anax – First Run – Paul McBeth (167-169g)


Disc: Discraft Swirl ESP Anax – First Run – Paul McBeth (170-172g)

Profile: small domey

Stiffness: Medium

Condition: New (small storage wear)

Color: blue swirl, silver-gold holographic reflective stamp (see picture)

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Type: Fairway

Flight numbers: Speed 10 | Glide 6 | Turn 0 | Fade 3 | Stability 1.9

Introducing the 3rd disc in Paul McBeth’s lineup – The Anax (pronounced ‘aa·nuhks’). A strong, overstable fairway driver with the sharp rim of a distance driver but the comfort, thinner rim, and precision of a fairway driver.

The Anax became essential for Paul McBeth upon transitioning to Discraft, filling a distinct role in his arsenal. As a 10-speed control-driver, it offers versatility in carving any desired line, akin to a slightly swifter and more stable Thunderbird. Particularly favored by power throwers, it stands as a formidable choice over a Raptor for newer players seeking a reliable disc.

Behind The Disc Episode 4 – The Anax

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