StayPut UV Golem – Divergent Discs “Taco” (170-172g)


Disc: StayPut UV Golem – Divergent Discs “Taco” (170-172g)

Profile: Flat

Stiffness: Super soft (taco), grippy

Condition: New (small storage wear)

Color: UV-Switch (white – multicolor), black stamp (see picture)

Please note! Only one disc! Disc is switching color!

3 in stock


Type: Putter

Flight numbers: Speed: 4 | Glide: 2 | Turn: 0 | Fade: 3.5

Ultra Overstable Approach Disc designed to Stay Put with minimal skips and rolls.

The Golem is an ultra overstable utility disc designed to land and stay near the basket. While Divergent Discs are designed specifically for recreational players, the Golem is a disc that will work for all players, including professionals.

The Golem has a consistent flight path in all wind conditions. It will always finish its flight with a hard curve and spike into the ground. The soft nature of the StayPut plastic allows it to absorb ground hits and not skip.

This disc is not meant to provide distance. It’s purpose is to fly for short distances in a consistent C pattern. The Golem will help you curve around trees and other obstacles.  It also works well for putting on those extra windy days.

Divergent StayPut UV is a unique plastic blend. This is an ultra soft silicone that is not only designed to absorb the ground like normal stay put plastic, but the UV version makes the disc change color in sun light. Indoors, StayPut UV appears like a typical white disc, but the second it is exposed to sunlight it changes into multiple brilliant colors.

Save strokes and look cool by throwing StayPut UV.

Please note! This is not a glow!

Check review from Ursa Disc Golf 

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