ProLine Flex Steady BL – Catrina Allen 2022 Throw Pink Womens Disc Golf Champion (173-174g)


Disc: DGA ProLine Flex Steady BL – Catrina Allen 2022 Throw Pink Womens Disc Golf Champion (173-174g)

Profile: Flat

Stiffness: soft and flexy, grippy

Condition: New (small storage wear)

Color: orange, turquoise blue holographic OR turquoise blue ice reflective stamp (see picture)

Note! Stamp will vary between these discs!

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Type: Putter

Flight numbers: Speed: 3 | Glide: 3 | Turn: 0 | Fade: 2

The DGA Steady BL putt and approach disc pays homage to the father of disc golf and DGA’s founder Ed Headrick who got his nickname from his steady hand and putting prowess. The Steady BL (beadless) has many of the same flight characteristics of the original Steady with the addition of a smooth beadless bottom edge. At low speeds, the Steady BL putter has a hyzer finish and with added speed, the putter provides a steady straight flight path. This putter feels great in the hand and will be a perfect fit for those looking for that smooth feel and clean release that this beadless putter offers.

This is special stamped @dgadiscgolf Steady BLs! Catarina said “I want to thank DGA for helping me celebrate my recent win at the Throw Pink Womens Disc Golf Championship. I chose the Steady BL because I felt my putting is what kept me in contention and a huge part of what helped me win!” These are available in DLine and in Proline Flex! This Limited Edition is exclusively available from DisCats in Europe Region!

DGA ProLine plastic is one of two premium plastic blends from DGA. ProLine Flex plastic is tough, flexy, tacky, and has incredible performance. The ProLine plastic blend features increased marbling, pearling, and overall aesthetic appeal. This blend is recommended for players that are looking for increased grip and durability, balanced with high-performance flight qualities. ProLine plastic will take less time to beat in and will reach its intended flight characteristics faster than the DGA SP Line blend.

  • Top End Premium Blend
  • Fastest Plastic Blend
  • Stable to unstable Flight Characteristics

For more information? Link to DGA’s product page.

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