Lima Nimitz (156g)


Disc: Lone Star Discs Lima Nimitz

Profile: domey

Stiffness: soft

Condition: New (storage wear)

Color: red – light red swirl (see picture)

Stamp color: black (See picture)

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Type: Driver

Flight numbers: 11.0 / 5.0 / -1.0 / 3.0

The Lonestar Nimitz is a stable to overstable disc golf driver. Named after the Fredericksburg native Chester Nimitz, the Nimitz is a disc that fits perfectly between the Curl and Warbird. This Distance Driver from Lone Star Disc has a slight turn and finishes with a reliable fade at the end of it’s flight. It can handle the power of experienced throwers yet is not too fast for most players.

Lima plastic is a premium, high quality blend. It has more flexibility than Bravo plastic and is softer than Alpha plastic.

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