Lift Stratosphere – Wing It Disc Golf – Space (170-172g)


Disc: Lift Stratosphere – Wing It Disc Golf – Space (170-172g)

Profile: domey

Stiffness: medium

Condition: New (some small storage wear)

Color: blue swirl, black-blue ice-money reflective stamp (See picture)

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Type: Driver

Flight numbers: Speed: 9 | Glide: 4 | Turn: -2 | Fade: 1

The Stratosphere is a slightly understable¬†driver that lands right between a fairway and a distance driver. It’s a great option for recreational players who want great distance results while throwing a disc that doesn’t need a lot of speed. For experienced players, it will provide plenty of turn before finishing with a slight fade.

Lift is the premium plastic blend from Wing It Disc Golf and it has a fun mix of opaque and semi-translucent, often with beautiful swirls and color variations. It has a great combination of durability and flexibility with nice grip, ideal for drivers.

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