Large Disc Tote – 60-80 Discs (black)


Key Features:

  • Holds 60-80 discs, or plenty of other items
  • Firm, ridged structure
  • Collapses to less than 10cm/4 inches thick
  • Organize your disc collection at home or in trunk
  • Has 10 additional pockets around outside edges
  • WxDxH: 66cm/26″ x 36cm/14″ x 23cm/9″

Discs & other stuff sold separately.

Color: Black

Condition: New (storage wear)

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Type: Disc golf disc organizer

Product Information

The Infinite Discs Disc Tote will take your disc organization game to the next level. This tote was built specifically with disc maximum storage in mind. The Disc Tote can hold up to from 60-80 discs, depending on the types of discs it carries.

The Disc Tote is perfect for storing discs at your home. The tote is rugged and heavy duty. It will protect your discs and keep them dust free. With the lid on, two Disc Tote’s can be stacked on one another and provide even more storage space. They can be easily stored on shelves, or in a corner of a room, or under a bed, etc.

The Disc Tote can also keep the trunk of your car clean and organized. If you’re heading to an important tournament, you can put your backup discs, hats, snacks, minis, and more in your Disc Tote. The tote will keep a hearty supply of discs and accessories ready for you at any moment. Piles of warped discs in the back seats and trunks can be a thing of the past. It’s also an absolute must-have for the disc golf van life.

Disc Totes are also perfect for disc golf clubs who transport and display lost and found discs. The tote is easy to carry, move around, and display all of your discs. The discs remain protected and safe inside the soft, but firm walls of the tote.

The tote can collapse down to less than 10cm/4 inches thick, or just one or two sides can be collapsed by using the attached buckles. Removable inserts keep the bottom of the tote ridged, and the foldable lid is removable and collapsible as well, making the tote easy to store when not in use.

The Disc Tote has 10 additional pockets around the sides: 4 small pockets, 4 medium pockets, and 2 large mesh pockets. These pockets are perfect for any of your disc golf accessories.

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