Halo Star Mamba – Power Mandala (173-175g)


Disc: Innova Halo Star Mamba (173-175g)

Profile:  domey

Stiffness: Medium soft

Condition: New, some storage wear

Color: light red – white – red swirl (see picture)

Stamp color: purple-gold-silver reflective (see picture)

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Type: Driver

This Halo Mamba with the Power Mandala design works on many levels. Not only is it head-turning artwork, but the mandala design can also act as a reminder to tap into the power within.

***A Chris Sheehan 3-Color Design

Notice: Center Disc Color & Stamp Color Combinations will vary. Halo effect will vary.

How this batch of Halo Mamba feels: Noticeable dome typical of most Mamba runs. Grip for days. Juicy Halo patterns.

What is a Mandala anyway? Mandalas are intricately crafted geometric patterns and are sometimes used as a spiritual tool to tap into one’s consciousness.

About the Power Mandala: Everyone wants more power in disc golf. It’s probably one of the most searched disc golf terms in Google. But the question is, are we accessing all the power that we already possess? This Power Mandala design, with its intensity converging into one point, reflects that idea, reminding you to “amplify and direct the energy of your intention,” said artist Chris Sheehan.

More about the Halo Mamba: The Mamba has more high-speed turn than any of our long-range drivers (very understable). For those with less driving speed, it will add distance. For the medium armed crowd, it will shape long lines for turnovers and straight shots, as well as hyzer flips and even big rolls. Expect more glide and overstability with Halo Star discs.

Mamba Flight Numbers: 11 / 6 / -5 / 1

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