Grabber hand warmer (2 pcs, 10h)


A pair (= 2pcs) of chemical heat bags for your gloves. The warmth is developed in a matter of minutes, and keeps going for up to 10 hours, with a temperature of 57 – 70°C. One unit contains two bags, that is one for each glove. Size: approx 19 x 6 cm. Please read and follow instructions on package.

  • The package contains two disposable, single use warmers
  • When you open the bag, the warmers start automatically as they can react with oxygen: therefore, do not open the bag until you want to use them



1. Open the bag and take out the soft heating pads. the iron powder inside the pads comes into contact with the air and the pads start to heat up.

2. Shake and squeeze the pads a few times to mix the inside properly. It can take about 20 minutes for the pad to reach its full temperature.

3. Put the pad into a pocket, glove, or other enclosed space for best performance from the pads. The pad generates heat for more than 7 hours.
4. When the product no longer heats up, it can be disposed of as normal waste.

CONTAINS: Iron powder, activated carbon, water, vermiculite, salt and cellulose

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