DisCats Mystery Box – Medium (4 discs)


The fun should start right when you run to get the mail and can’t wait to open up your box of discs which you have no idea what will be inside.
we will guarantee our DisCats Mystery Box will be 20-30% cheaper than purchasing items separately.
All boxes are sold as-is with no exchanges or returns.

Discs, colors, weights and stamps may vary with different or repeat discs found in each pack. All discs are new and unthrown (storage wear or misprint stamps can be found from the discs).

Each box includes 4 discs and can contain following:

  • One special disc (can be tour series, special edition, special plastic, special stamp or something else), plus
  • 3 stock discs plus
  • Sticker OR Disc Golf Pro Tour Trading Card  plus
  • Sweets OR Led

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