CryZtal Scorch – 2024 Ledgestone Edition – Rodan and Mothra (173-174g)


Disc: Discraft CryZtal Scorch – 2024 Ledgestone Edition – Rodan and Mothra

Profile: small domey

Stiffness: medium

Condition: New (storage wear)

Color: pink (see picture)

Stamp color: turquoise holographic clover (See picture)

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Type: Driver

Flight numbers: 11 Speed, 6 Glide, -2 Turn, 2 Fade, 0.5 Overall Stability

The Scorch is Discraft’s newest driver that offers insane glide. The Scorch is a mix between a Heat and an Avenger SS. The Scorch is an 11 speed, understable driver that provides a consistent flight and the ability for big throws. The Scorch is ideal for hyzer flip shots in the woods or tailwind drives. Blaze past the competition with the CryZtal Scorch!

CryZtal Scorch with artwork by Kelly Baber: Gojira returns! A fan-favorite from 2023 earned enough at the box office to grant a sequel. Introducing this year’s Season One CryZtal Scorch! Last year, we released a Ti Swirl Scorch with artwork inspired by Gojira film posters from the 1960s. The response from all of you was so strong that we decided to bring it back, this time with Godzilla counterparts Rodan and Mothra!

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