CryZtal Rattler – 2024 Ledgestone Edition (170-172g)


Disc: Discraft CryZtal Rattler – 2024 Ledgestone Edition

Profile: Flat

Stiffness: medium hard

Condition: New (storage wear)

Color: blue (see picture)

Stamp: silver holographic clover (see picture)

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Type: Putter

Flight numbers: Speed 2 | Glide 2 | Turn -2 | Fade 1 | Stability 1.0

The Rattler is a deep putter that has a thin rim. This is a slower flying disc with little turn or fade. The Rattler is reliable when you need to throw that straight upshot to land close to the basket. The Rattler is an out of production disc that is only made for special, limited edition runs!

CryZtal Rattler with artwork by Paul Johnson: 2000s animation buffs will have no trouble spotting the inspiration for the artwork on this year’s Season One CryZtal Rattler. The Rattler has long been estranged from the Ledgestone Edition release list, but those times have luckily come to an end. Straddling the gap between disc golf disc and ultimate lid, the Rattler is the perfect solution to those pre-round games of catch or the slow, floating disc needed to make every approach a soft one.

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