Crazy Caddy Disc Golf Game


Introducing the Crazy Caddy Disc Golf Game!

NEW game brought to you by Disc Golf Pins – Crazy Caddy. It’s a fun new way to play disc golf with your friends and family. Simply spin the arrow and let the Crazy Caddy choose the way you play!

– Keychain dimensions: 2.75″ x 2.2″  / 7cm x 5,6cm
– High quality metal spinner
– Keychain attaches securely with the included carabiner
– Fun for friends and family
– Lots of different ways to play!

Here’s a quick overview for how to play each wedge on the Crazy Caddy:

YOUR CHOICE: This is one of the best wedges to land on. It’s open play so throw whatever you’d like, anyway that you’d like. No limitations.

PUTTER: You can only throw a putter.

OPPOSITE HAND: Okay… this is the WORST. You can only throw with your opposite hand. If you’re ambidextrous, let your opponent choose which hand you throw with.

MIDRANGE: You can only throw a midrange. IF you don’t have a midrange, throw a putter. Sorry, I make the rules, you’re just reading them.

MULLIGAN: This is the BEST wedge! Not only do you get to throw whatever you’d like but you also get one mulligan.

FOREHAND: You can only throw forehand. Yes, even when putting!

DRIVER: You can only throw a driver.

BACKHAND: You can only throw backhand.

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