Conspiracy Line Abduction Flat Earth (175-177g)


Disc: Doomsday Conspiracy Line Flat Earth (175-177g)

Profile: small domey

Stiffness: Medium soft

Condition: New (small storage wear)

Color: blue, gold reflective stamp (See picture)

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Type: Midrange

Type: Midrange

Enter the Flat Earth, an enigmatic member of Doomsday’s “Conspiracy Line”—a straight-to-understable flyer designed to navigate the hidden realms of the disc golf course. When the tree canopy hangs low, or the fairways tighten their grip, this disc emerges as a steadfast ally, ensuring your flight path remains untainted. The Flat Earth’s opaque Abduction plastic bestows both durability and a touch of pliancy, striking the perfect balance. With a microbead nestled beneath the rim, its grip enthralls, binding you to its mysterious essence.

Embrace the secrets of the Flat Earth, veiled in the shadows of clandestine knowledge:

  • Speed: 5, a calculated momentum, guiding you through the veiled mysteries with confident purpose.
  • Glide: 5, a fleeting grace, soaring through the hidden winds with captivating poise.
  • Turn: -1, an enigmatic defiance, gently shifting along its path, avoiding the machinations of the unknown.
  • Fade: 0, a vanishing conclusion, leaving behind no trace of deviation, as it adheres to the veiled flight path with unwavering loyalty.

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