DisCats Gift Card


DisCats Candystore Gift Card  is the sweetest possible present for a disc golfer!

How does it work?

Just add as many 10 EUR gift cards to the basket as you want, we will send you one gift card with total amount of the gift cards. For example: By ordering 5  * 10 EUR gift cards, you’ll receive one gift certificate that is worth 50 EUR.

How do I order gift cards?

If you want gift card delivered via e-mail,  just order the card and pay it normally via checkout.  With this option we send you an email containing only the code, value and expiry date of your gift card.  Please also note that e-mail delivery does not happen in real-time. As all our orders,  gift cards are  processed and sent manually. You should receive it still during 24hours from  the order (except weekends, delivery can be longer).

If you wish to receive the only the gift card physically, please add to the note field that “ship the card via normal post”.  After adding the notes, you can normally order the product and pay it in checkout. You will receive a gift card via normal post (but remember post delivery times, those can be long sometimes, specially in international shipment).

Are you experiencing problems when paying for your purchase with a gift card please contact to our support@discats.com

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DisCats Candystore Gift Card




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