Aura Votum – Thought Space Athletics (175g)


Disc: Aura Votum – Thought Space Athletics

Profile: medium flat

Stiffness: medium

Condition: New (some small storage wear)

Color: pink-orange, gold reflective-matte silver-black stamp (See picture)

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Type: Fairway

Flight numbers: Speed: 8,5 | Glide: 5 | Turn: 0 | Fade: 2

Designed to be a stable counterpart to our first fairway driver the Mantra, the Votum  handles power for a straight flight with reliable fade at the end.

Behind the design:

Our “Oni Inside” design was created to show a duality between physical beauty and ones inner demons. We are all experiencing life together but we do not know the personal struggles each other faces and how our interactions with others will effect them. Be kind, be present and be mindful as it is easier to destroy something than to build it up!

Due to the swirly nature of this run of aura, exact color blends will vary. 

Aura plastic has an opaque look with great durability and good grip, preferred for most drivers and throwers.

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